Take control of your lifetime legacy

Securely store the details of all your assets and decide who shall be your heirs.
We will inform them in due course.

Step 1

List your assets and identify your beneficiaries. You can assign each asset to your preferred beneficiary. Also, select your trustee at this stage. When you are done you can create your legally binding will straight away. Take a look at a sample will created on LegacyNest.

Hp steps

Step 2

Every month we'll "pulse-check" you to confirm how you are doing. If all is well, just click the link on the email or on the sms we'll send you.

Hp outcomes

Step 3

If - after a set number of attempts - we don’t receive an answer from you, we will ask your trustee to confirm your status. You should inform her that we may be in touch.

Hp trustee

Step 4

If your trustee gives us permission, we will send the details of your selected assets to your beneficiaries. After that your account will be closed and your data permanently deleted.

Hp end


LegacyNest employs bank-grade security systems and protocols to protect your data from any unauthorised access. Click here if you want to see the details.

  • We use two factor authentication to log you in;
  • We encrypt your data with military-grade encryption technologies;
  • If you ever decide to delete your account with us, we will permanently delete all of your data;
  • Our system are periodically tested and audited by independent security specialists.