The Company

LegacyNest was incorporated in Singapore in 2015. It is the brainchild of CEO and co-founder Cersare Tagliaferri: "After residing in Singapore for 10 years, I had just bought an apartment there when I was travelling to Italy to visit my family. At some point during that flight we encountered some nasty turbulence. My mind was still focused on that property I had just acquired and I realized how I had assets scattered across Italy, France and Singapore and my loved ones had little clues about the details. When the plane resumed its smooth cruise, LegacyNest's idea was clear in my mind. I switched on my MacBook and started to work on the code."

Shortly after developing the logic for LegacyNest’s assets platform and the Pulse Check, Cesare recruited his former school-mate Luca, met in 2004 on the Singapore INSEAD campus. With a wealth of expertise developed over 12 years of corporate finance work, Luca provided the legal framework for LegacyNest’s will service. In May 2016 LegacyNest received a full legal review from a Singapore law firm. It was commercially launched immediately after that and is now specifically tailored to the Singapore market, with a view of expanding its offering to other countries in the near future.


If you are interested in the details about the security measures that we have put in place to protect your data, you can find them here.

The Team

Cesare Tagliaferri


Cesare, of Italian extraction, is the co-founder and CEO of LegacyNest. He has worked on two online ventures prior: CeMacSoft, a company focused on security software for the Apple Mac platform and OSOMac, which generated, amongst others, the sleek chronometer app JustTime and HandBrakeBatch, an open source video converter which CNET calls ‘the best video converter available today’.

Like his previous creations, LegacyNest showcases both his engineering skills and design sensibilities. With more than 15 years of experience in software development and financial services, Cesare draws upon a varied and trans-continental educational background: with an MBA from INSEAD, a M.Eng from Supelec (France) and a M.Eng from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).

Cesare has been residing in Singapore since 2004.

Luca Perzan


Luca started off his career as a tech consultant at Accenture during the internet boom years of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. After pursuing his MBA at INSEAD in Singapore, he moved on to a trading career at international banks in London and Singapore. He provided the juridical expertise that gives LegacyNest’s services their solid legal foundation.

Luca is the co-founder and CFO of LegacyNest. He has been residing in Singapore since 2014.