About Security

At LegacyNest, we believe that security is of the utmost importance. We pay careful attention to our security protocols and to the technologies that we use to ensure you are comfortable with storing your personal details with us. Here's how we protect your data.

Secure Connection

We rely on TLS technology to establish a private and secure connection between your browser and our servers. This is the same technology used by most banks for their Internet Banking platforms.

Data Encryption

LegacyNest's database is encrypted. Your beneficiaries' names and contact details, your assets and any attachments that you may add are never stored in an unencrypted format.

Password Management

  • Passwords are never stored or transferred in clear text;
  • Accounts are locked after five log-in attempts with an incorrect password. This protects your account against Brute Force Attacks;
  • We use password salting and peppering;
  • We use a bcrypt algorithm, with a high number of stretches, in order to make it difficult (impossible, for any practical purpose) for a potential attacker to decrypt your password.

Data Ownership

You remain the sole owner of all data that you upload on LegacyNest. We do not own them or sell them or let anyone else access them. We will never use your data for any purpose other than providing our service to you. If, at any point, you decide to delete your account, we will permanently delete all your data within 24 hours. If you stop replying to our Pulse Check messages we will send your details to your beneficiaries as per your instructions, and then permanently delete all of your data.

Statutory Protections

LegacyNest is a company incorporated in Singapore, where personal data and privacy are valued and respected. You can check the Personal Data Protection Commission website for more details.

Company Certification

We use an Extended Validation certificate, which means that the Certificate Authority has validated the existence and status of our company.

EV SSL Certificate

Our Technology Partners

We work only with trusted technology providers, even if there are considerable cheaper solutions on the market.


Heroku is a leading hosting platforms. They provide the servers on which LegacyNest runs, and the encrypted database. One of the main advantages of using a platform like Heroku, rather than a bare-metal solution, is that they take care of the OS layer, both from a security and an availability point of view. You can find Heroku's security policies here, if you want to know more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is where we store your attachments, more precisely on a service called S3. AWS is arguably the most reliable cloud storage available today (designed for 99.999999999% durability, 99.99% availability). Everything we store on S3 is encrypted.


Authy is our two-factor authentication provider that enables us to send your authentication codes by SMS, everywhere in the world. We strongly recommend two-factor authentication to access LegacyNest, but we let you decide whether you want to switch it on.


Hakiri scans our source code every time a change is made, so we can catch and fix security issues before they can appear on LegacyNest. Hakiri checks for 32 types of vulnerabilities.

Tinfoil Security

While Hakiri scans our source code, before it is live on this website, Tinfoil Security actively scans the website itself. They go through all the pages and forms, looking for problems that could be used to hack into the site, or compromise security in any way.

We believe this will provide you with the peace of mind to use LegacyNest services with confidence.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.